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  • 6 Plugins That Take Your JIRA Service Desk to The Next Level

    by Krzysztof Skoropada Jul 17, 2017 0 Atlassian Bez kategorii Jira apps recomended


    Atlassian’s Service Desk is a leader in its field, chosen by more than 20 000 organizations for managing external customers.

    But Service Desk wouldn’t be so popular without the range of available plugins that extend its functionalities and make it into such an incredibly flexible platform.

    Are you using JIRA Service Desk? Here are 6 plugins dedicated to the platform that are bound to boost the performance of your Service Desk team.

    1. Insight – Asset Management for JIRA

    This plugin is a great pick for controlling assets like servers, phones, accessories, computers, and many others. Your team can use Insight to control and manage all kinds of assets, including release information, or marketing and legal assets.

    Insight helps your team to reduce their response time thanks to smart visualization, impact analysis, and dependency mapping.

    Integrating Insight with Service Desk allows organizations to enable asset selection in the Customer Portal – a great addition to building a functional Service Desk platform.

    1. Queues for JIRA Service Desk

    Setting up queues is the best way to organize the work of your Service Desk team. With this plugin you can easily configure queues to automatically triage and prioritize issues, matching the needs of your organization.

    Queues helps managers to ensure that their team is working on the right requests at the right time.

    With Queues for JIRA Service Desk, you can limit the visibility of queues to selected users and instantly improve the productivity of your team. You can also consolidate the queue view for two Service Desk projects to boost request management further.

    Have a look here to learn more about what Queues can do for your organization.

    1. Refined Theme for JIRA Service Desk

    With this smart theme editor you’ll be able to transform the Customer Portal into a functional interface featuring rich content, quick link icons, and better organization thanks to templates.

    Improving user interface and displaying the content users are looking for in more spaces than one is crucial for boosting the general user experience on your Portal.

    Help users find the information they need with this practical plugin and make your Customer Portal into an amazing space for your clients.

    1. Template comments for JIRA Service Desk

    This plugin requires ScriptRunner for JIRA, but it’s a real catch. With Template comments, you’ll be able to create conditional template comments for Service Desk. These template comments can include the agent, assignee, issue attributes, links, and more.

    These template comments will appear when their condition is matched – they can be specific to particular users, roles, reporter companies, and others.

    Your Service Desk agents will work with a set of comments that are automatically populated depending on the context, choosing the most appropriate comment for a given situation.

    The plugin is bound to improve the productivity of your team.

    1. Active Directory Attributes Sync 2

    If your organization relies on Active Directory to store its user data, this plugin is for you. Using this solution, you’ll import data from your AD to make a good use of it in your JIRA workflows.

    What kind of data can you synchronize? All user attributes such as their address, phone numbers, avatars, managers, or any other user fields from AD.

    You can fill select fields with the attribute’s value, copy any user from AD to User Picker Field, get or update synchronized data in Groovy or REST API, or update AD on the basis of data included in your JIRA instance.

    And then display this data in the Customer Portal, user profile page, an Issue (as a custom field), or in a user hover dialog.

    Have a look here for some use cases of this plugin.

    1. Actions for JIRA Service Desk

    If you’re looking for a solution that would enable you to extend standard automation rules in JIRA, Actions is for you. You can create a new automation rule to your Service Desk on this basis:

    If Condition:

    Reporter Language

    Reporter Email Contains


    Then Actions:

    Assignee User to Issue

    Set Priority To Issue

    Add Label

    If reporter language or email contains “@,” you can set the rule to add an Assignee User to Issue, Set Priority To Issue, or Add a Label.


    Key Takeaway

    JIRA Service Desk is a fantastic platform for handling communications and request from external customers.

    But it wouldn’t be the same without its broad selection of plugins. Give some these plugins a try, and you’ll see how they can help your Service Desk team to improve their performance.

    Are you using any other plugins to help your Service Team get more done? Let me know in the comments; I’m always looking for new amazing solutions.


Krzysztof Skoropada Head of Atlassian Apps

As a Head of Atlassian apps, together with a team of 130 experts, I help companies select the correct app for Atlassian according to their individual needs. I am proud of the fact that more than 2 million people from companies such as listed below are trusted clients: CISCO, Ferrari, Samsung, KBC Bank, Deloitte, Allianz, Blizzard Entertainment, Lufthansa, Walmart, Spotify, Sony, MetLife and many more.

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Sąd Rejestrowy: Sąd rejonowy dla Wrocławia - Fabrycznej

IV Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego KRS 0000223645