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    by Krzysztof Skoropada Dec 05, 2017 0 Bez kategorii Jira apps

    When you work on a big and complex project with dozens of issues to deal with, it can be quite challenging for your support team to get through all of them every day. Therefore the issues are grouped and managed in queues which help categorize and prioritize the tasks. A queue is basically a list of issues which are displayed upon particular criteria: issue type, status, due date or a custom label, to name a few. This saves a lot of time for the team and simplifies the workflow greatly.

    Jira Service Desk by default offers a selection of pre-configured queues which help users organize issues. You can edit them, or even delete if unnecessary, and create the new ones instead, tailored to your needs (remember that only Service Desk project administrators can manage the queues). But unfortunately, the default JSD queue management tool has got significant limitations in terms of features provided:

    • the queues are available only for one project at a time;
    • the queues are visible only to project admins and JSD agents;
    • the issue list view cannot be customized (though you can change the columns shown inside each queue).

    We rely on Jira heavily ourselves, so it had been the exact same suffering our support had experienced before we designed the app! Aware of these flaws, we brought the solution up to the next level and created the Queues for Jira Service Desk app. We added a couple of features that strongly improve the usability, as you can see in the following table:

    We expanded the advanced JQL filtering options to create cross-project queues. Moreover, with the app the queues are available for all types of projects – not only for the Service Desk. This enables using queues also for the issues related to the development process and gets rid of the need to get through every project one by one. The feature is especially useful if you need to handle multiple Customer Portals (for instance, one for B2C, the other for B2B and the third one for the internal team requests).

    As mentioned above, the default option is that only JSD agents and the administrators can see the queues. Not only have we made them visible to all the user groups – we’ve added a configuration possibility, so that every part of the team sees only what’s relevant to them: you can restrict the developers to the development issues, let your system administrators handle hardware/software requests or remind the HR department of their specific tasks.

    Restricting access to queues is a smart method to ensure top productivity of a team. Having the queues’ availability limited, the team members won’t have to sift through the thousands of tasks which are intended for other teams. This way working with issues will be much easier and smoother, enhancing the productivity of your Service Desk dramatically. This feature improves the service operations’ security as well, when the permissions are configured properly.

    Using default Jira tools, there’s always a moment when one finds oneself staring at an endless list of queues while being interested only in a couple of them. This can happen to any project, especially a bigger one, so another app’s feature is hiding unnecessary queues. An additional benefit is that hidden queues are not refreshed, so there’s less risk that your Jira will crash or slow down due to a lot of queues refreshing in the same time. The hidden queues are collected in a dedicated folder, so you can restore them anytime you wish, and every user can adjust the queues’ display individually to his needs.

    There are also a couple of subtler improvements. The queues on the list can now be copied, so you can implement minor adjustments without re-setting the queues from scratch. You can also import queues from other Service Desk projects, which were created using the default Jira Service Desk, and edit them locally without affecting the root ones.

    Don’t forget about queue list reordering! Generally, Jira administrators can set up the list view to make it more ergonomic. But what we added to that is the ability to sort the queue list for every user by any column displayed, like SLA or priority. This improvement allows to find the needed issues much faster, which is very handy in case of having a large Service Desk project.

    To sum it up quickly: with our dedicated Queues app, your Jira Service Desk becomes more flexible and easy to use than it has ever been. Creating custom queues for managing issues, you can be sure that your team is working on the right requests at the right time, and with configuring the queues’ visibility you can increase both the information flow and the project’s security level. And what’s important, the app is plug&play – you install it and are instantly ready to go with creating queues!

    We bet that your support team will spend most of their time working out of the queues you set up for them. That’s why it is key that you find smart ways to manage your queues with their performance in mind. Our app provides a simple way to extend the functionality of Jira Service Desk and thus to help boost your team’s output. They may receive even thousands of inquiries daily, but when they’re all neatly structured and easily searchable without hours of needless scrolling, the app actually makes a great part of work done for them. Believe us: they will surely be grateful for such relief!

    Try out installing Queues for free at the Atlassian Marketplace. In case of doubt if it works well, check out the product documentation.

    Still not sure if it will suit your needs? We’re holding a web clinic on effective issue management using Queues next Wednesday. You’ll go through every aspect, provided with a detailed demonstration of all the solution’s capabilities, and will be able to ask any questions on the topic. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more information!

Krzysztof Skoropada Head of Atlassian Apps

As a Head of Atlassian apps, together with a team of 130 experts, I help companies select the correct app for Atlassian according to their individual needs. I am proud of the fact that more than 2 million people from companies such as listed below are trusted clients: CISCO, Ferrari, Samsung, KBC Bank, Deloitte, Allianz, Blizzard Entertainment, Lufthansa, Walmart, Spotify, Sony, MetLife and many more.

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IV Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego KRS 0000223645